सा लक्ष्मीः उपकुरुते ययापरेषाम्
|| The real wealth is that which serves the cause of others ||

Temple being a charitable/non-profit organization, depends heavily on your financial support. It is your support that sustains the temple and helps continue serving the community unabated.

Invest now to showcase Indian Vedic Heritage to western world and also inculcate ancient Vedic Values in your children. Your support is precious.


Monetary benefits – Save Taxes
Spiritual benefits – Beyond calculations


All donations are Tax-Exempt under section 501(3)(c) (ID # 58-1776264). Donations can be made online (via PayPal) or by mail. Please write your checks to “Greater Atlanta Vedic Temple“.

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Your selfless generous financial sacrifice will pave the way for a better future for the next generation.