Our Priests – Acharya Ji

Acharya Amol Kumar Ji

Shastri, Saiddhantacharya is a preacher of Vedic principles, Vedic values and an expert in Karmkanda/Vedic rituals.  After studying from Gurukul Tankara, Acharya Ji completed his Masters in Arts from Delhi University and has served various Arya Samajs, Gurukuls, Schools as an Acharya, teacher and Preacher. His most recent experience is with Arya Samaj Karol Bagh, where he has been the Resident priest for the last 10+ years. He enjoys singing, serving the downtrodden, reading the life of spiritual heroes, teaching Asanas and Meditation and connecting with people for a good cause. Acharya ji is very personable and easy to mingle with.  
Originally from Maharashtra, India, Acharya ji, 37, knows five languages – Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, English and Gujarati. Acharya ji’s family includes his Gurukul educated wife, Aditi Vedalankar Ji, and an adorable 3 years old son, Vaidik! 
Acharya ji can be reached via temple contact number or email – acharyaji@vedictemple.org
Please feel free to reach out to him for any poojas, worship services, spiritual consultation and for talking about Hindu/Indian values and traditions.

Smt. Ananya Arya

Mrs. Ananya Arya is a dedicated follower of Vedic Dharma and a passionate seeker of Vedic Knowledge. She is a certified preachers and she has diligently acquired profound insights into Vedic wisdom under the tutelage of distinguished scholars such as Acharya Ashish Darshanacharya Ji, Swami Vishwang Ji, and Mrs. Jai Taneja Ji. With her profound comprehension of Vedic Principles, Sanskrit, Yog Philosophy, and Satyartha Prakash, she is devoted to the propagation and dissemination of Vedic Dharm through teaching and preaching.
Ananya Arya Ji is deeply committed to the promotion of Vedic Values in the English language, leveraging the Vedic Temple’s platform. She extends her expertise to those seeking knowledge and guidance in Vedic Values and Principles, offering English classes on Vedic Concepts, conducting Sanskaars in English, and delivering talks in English, both in virtual and in-person settings. You may reach out to her for inquiries and engagements related to these valuable offerings.