About us

Greater Atlanta Vedic Temple Society, Inc. founded in 1986, is a religious charitable tax exempt organization generally known as Vedic Temple. It’s a non-denominational Hindu Religious organization. Since Hindu Dharma/ religion is based on Vedas-the four primary scriptures and hence Hindu Dharma/ religion is also called as Vedic dharma or Vedic religion.The methods of worship are Praise – chanting of Vedic Hymns from four Hindu scriptures known as Rigved, Yajurved, Samved and Atharvaved. The mode of worship of God is of bona fide Hindu religion which includes invocation of God, conducting Devyajnya, singing of Vedic hymns and devotional songs in Praise of God, undertake Prayers and meditation to have Communion with God.This organization follows the ten principles of Arya Samaj which are basic code of conduct and discipline on which it was founded.The organization believes in serving all humanity regardless of their religion, cast, age, sex etc.

Our Current Activities:

  • Classes to teach Hindi, Sanskrit languages, Yoga, Meditation and Vedic Hindu Sanatan Dharma as propounded by Maharshi Dayanada Sarasvati
  • The recitation of Vedic Hymns, Agnihotra, Satsang and spiritual discourses
  • All the Indian festivals celebrated and their importance explained
  • Donations made to different organizations, societies wherever needed
  • Organizing the cultural events


Other then the routine activities, temple has been involved in a number of activities to achieve its goals. Here are some of the activities where temple has achieved landmark successes

Local Level:

  1. In July 2011, Vedic Temple successfully organized an International Conference in Atlanta, on Values of Vedic Teachings in Modern Times.
  2. In 1986, Balvihar classes were started to teach children Hindi, Sanatan Dharma, etc., by Dr. Om Arora, Dr. Deen Chandora, Dr.V.D. Sharma, etc under VHP patronage at Dr. Chandora’s home. Now these classes are conducted at another location.
  3. In 1986, Vedic temple was first to celebrate colorful spring festival of Holi and Holika Dahan in metro Atlanta. Since then it is also celebrated by other Hindu organizations.
  4. Vedic temple was also the first to celebrate Das-hara(i.e., Vijayadashami) by burning a 20 feet effigy of Ravan. Since then it has become an annual event in metro Atlanta.
  5. Vedic Temple priests have conducted various Hindu ceremonies in Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia.


National Level:

  1. In 1990, Vedic Temple successfully filed AMICUS BRIEF (petition) to US Supreme Court in conjunction with many national (US) organizations to save the “Krishna Temples” of Vaishnav Denomination of Hindu Dharma.
  2. In 1991, conducted a workshop at New Orleans APA annual convention with the help of Indian Psychiatric Association and successfully received an apology from the American Psychiatric Association for classifying ISKCON as a cult.


International Level:

  1. In 1990, the World Council of Churches in Switzerland was approached to resolve local Christian opposition to get land zoned in Australia for HHRF Swami Chidanand Muniji, now Shri Shiva Mandir Ltd. The Vedic Temple was successful in getting their land zoned.
  2. In 1992, Vedic Temple was approached by the editor of “Hinduism Today” from Hawaii, to intervene in Holland’s Hindu hunger strike. There, Arya Samaj selected a woman priest, but the orthodox Hindus did not approve and created trouble. Therefore, Arya Samaj submitted a separate school proposal but was rejected by the Netherland’s Govt., that led to hunger strike. Vedic Temple through Indian Government’s intervention, helped the government of Netherland’s to accept Arya Samaj School proposal, thus ending the hunger strike.
  3. In 1995, Russia persecuted the Krishna Devotees by labeling them as destructive sects. Vedic Temple faxed an wrote letters to the Russian leaders including Mr. Yeltsin, Russian Premier, to accept ISKCON as traditional Vaishnav Denominational representative. (Now Russian Govt. has officially accepted them as a bonafiede religious body.)
  4. October 4-6, 1996, Vedic Temple, in Atlanta, in association with various educational institutions, US Academia, Hindu Intelligentsia and Vedic Scholars around the globe, hosted a highly successful international conference on “RE-VISITING INDUS CIVILIZATION AND ANCIENT INDIA”. Major topics included – Myth of Aryan Invasion, Latest Archeological findings on Indus Civilization, and attempts were made to correct the distortions regarding Hindu Religion as taught in the US schools. The conference was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Mr. Basdeo Panday. Since then, a new organization called “World Association for Vedic Studies Inc.” was created to conduct these conferences worldwide. Conferences have been conducted successfully at Los Angles, Baton Rouge (Louisiana), New Delhi India (In 1997 and 1998). Now, New York is selected as the site for the Conference of Year 2000.


Future Plans:

  1. To achieve “Krinvanto Vishvam Aryam” (Make the world noble), a regular “Dayananda Atlanta Vedic” school is planned.
  2. To establish an International Vedic College, and to train the Priests/Vedic Sanskrit scholars in the western languages like English and French so that they can go to countries all over the world to spread true knowledge.
  3. In addition to continuing its activities, increase the efforts to make the people aware of the Ancient Vedic Culture and relevance of Vedas in the life of mankind.


Sponsor Yajna

  1. Sponsors will reserve their day for yajna by mentioningtheir names on the board outside the prayer hall.
  2. They will inform the priest, in advance if there is anyspecial event in the family to be celebrated, So that thenecessary arrangements can be made.
  3. If they are happily willing, Sponsors will try to arrangefor the Prasad (lunch) for all the devotees present on thatSunday. They can seek help from other members of the temple.
  4. Sponsor family should reach well in advance so as tobe able to make arrangements for the lunch and then be seatedfor Yajna by 10.25 AM.
  5. Sponsor family should help in cleaning the kitchen afterthe lunch.
  6. Some Dakshina to the temple as well as Acharya Ji is recommended to be paid by the Sponsor.
  7. Sponsors will also bring the Ghee (Butteroil), Samagri and other things offered in Yajnya. Alternately, they can pay to the temple for them and temple can arrange those things.