There are two levels of management at Vedic Temple – Board of Trustees and Executive Committee.

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the temple which takes all policy decisions. In case of any disputes or issues, the Board of Trustees is the highest decision making body. The trustees are nominated on a merit basis which is solely discussed and decided by existing members of the Board.  

Below is the current list of members of Board of Trustees

Name Contact Number
Dr. Deen B. Chandora 770-638-9750
Dr. Om P. Arora 770-270-9283
Ms. Manjeet Prakash 770-740-9090
Mr. Govind Madan 678-457-8068
Dr. Ravinder Kurl 770-471-8641
Dr. Madhu Sudan 770-557-1799
Dr. Vidya D. Sharma 770-934-6695
Dr. Arun Munjal 404-303-7930
Shri Dhirendra K Sharma 678-581-1189
Shri Surinder Kathuria 678-580-3675
Shri Vikas Bagga 678-867-2368
Dr. Brij Gulati 404-663-0279
Shri Vishrut Arya 404-636-9141

The Executive committee is nominated every year, which takes the ownership of conducting the temple’s activities for that year. Executives are volunteers who offer their time/efforts for the noble cause.

Below is the list of Executives for the year 2022

Post Name
President Dr. Mrs. Savitha Kootil
Vice President Mr. Virat Arya
Vice President Mrs. Hemanjai Rachakulla
General Secretary Mrs. Lata Malyala
Joint Secretary Mr. Akhilesh Bhati
Treasurer Dr. Om P. Arora
Joint Treasurer Mr. Vishrut Arya
Director of Communications Mr. Sunil Gondi
Director of Youth Development Mr. Gangadhar Timilsina
Library In-charge Mr. Sai Kumar

To contact any of the Executive committee members, please email

Volunteers are welcome to help in the temple’s activities. If you want to be one of the volunteers, please write to us at
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