Vedic Temple offers following opportunities for Kids and Youth’s holistic development:

1) Vedic Sanskriti School – An initiative to instill Vedic values, nurture nobility, propagate righteous life

Vedic Sanskriti School Atlanta is an institution started under the auspices of “The Greater Atlanta Vedic Temple Society”. An initiative to instill Vedic values, nurture nobility, propagate righteous life and address language and cultural needs of the Indian American Community.

Vedic Sanskriti School (VSS) provides guidance, empowerment, and a shared platform to help implement and sustain local VSS schools across North America. While each school is administered and operated by local support organizations, VSS facilitates a community of administrators and educators. It encourages collaboration among members and nurtures synergies.


Mission: Impart Vedic knowledge to enable children to pursue the path of dignity to effectively face real world challenges for growth of self, society and environment

Objectives: To help children imbibe Vedic values, traits and principles. To help the children learn about their rich heritage through language and cultural knowledge

Core Subjects offered:

Vedic values (Moral Education/Naitik Shiksha) 

Spoken and written Hindi
Vedic Mantras Chanting and Hawan
Vedic Math

Optional Subjects:

Indian Culture and Traditions Devotional Music

School Features:

Certified and Experienced teachers
Structured curriculum
Well equipped classrooms and facilities
Spiritual and Serene learning environment
Public speaking opportunities
For students of age 5+

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2) Arya Veer Dal – Shakha

Weekly meeting of Arya Youth Group members – to network, have fun, learn and nurture the roots of Sanatan Dharma together. 

3) Cultural activities

Through the cultural programs focussed on Indian Culture, Vedic Temple offers opportunities to youth to come forward to showcase their talent. We organize four cultural programs a year – Holi, Dussehra, Diwali and Annual Day. 

4) Volunteering and youth leadership opportunities 

Temple offers many volunteering opportunities so that the students can not only earn volunteer hours but also develop soft skills by coordinating, leading and taking part in various projects run by the Vedic Temple.

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