Arya Youth Group

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Arya Veer Dal is a special group comprised of youth of 6 years and older. The mission of the group is to provide our Arya Youth with an avenue to express their views and an opportunity to explore their talents and interests and interact closely with their peers, while reaffirming the Arya Sanskars and values imbibed at Vedic Temple and remaining an integral part of the larger Vedic Temple family. The group meets at the temple on First Saturday of every month in the morning. Arya Veer Dal coordinators comprising of parents oversee all activities of the members.

Properly supervised and well organized social events enable Arya Veer Dal members to have fun, make friends, raise funds for cherished causes and hone their organizational, management and leadership skills. Regularly scheduled Discussion & Learning Sessions allow the youth members to learn more about topics of interest from specially invited adult experts, who provide facts and information. The youth members then discuss the issues from their individual perspective in a frank and open forum. Arya Veer Dal members also participate in various cultural programs, which boost their appreciation of Indian customs and celebrations and enhance their understanding of Vedic culture and philosophy.

Some of the activities of Arya Veer Dal include – Volunteering at temple’s events & active participation in cultural programs throughout the year, Vedic Learning, Participating in Mantra Classes, Organizing fundraisers for noble causes etc.

For details and further information contact :aryaveerdalatlanta@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it